Victoria > East Coast


Type Coastal Cliff
Conditions E - ESE
Height 80' / 24m asl
Rating PG4 / HG Intermediate
75km S of Melbourne.

From the Frankston-Flinders Road turn off Beach Road at Shoreham and park down at the end of the Shoreham Beach carpark. Melways 256 F11. 145 02.5E, 38 26.5 S

Landowners - ?

Contact - ?


MHGC , Skyhigh


Walk around the cliff point on the right hand side of the beach. Launch is around the point and up on the more clear part of the cliff top. It is important to get the canopy up cleanly as launch is covered in small bushes etc that is easy to get your lines snagged in.


Landing is easiest by flying around the point to Shoreham beach


There is a beat of up to 1km. An easy 100' to 150' above Launch and up to 500' above Launch achievable. This site can be only usually flown with a good ESE wind as takeoff is quite low and the cliff is not that steep. However once up and flying it can be quite good.

Hazards / Comments

For paragliders this site has a very limited range of flyable conditions. If it is windy enough to get up from the low takeoff there is a danger of being blown back once higher.