Australian Capital Territory - Canberra and NSW surrounds

Spring Hill

Site photo
Type Inland Hill
Conditions SW-NW
Height 870m (2850') ASL, 200m (650') AGL
Rating PG4 / HG Intermediate
About 20 minutes north of Canberra on the road to Yass.


Launch and landing are owned by Phil (a local HG and PG pilot).



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Spring Hill is the primary site for the Canberra region. It takes SW to NW winds. When the wind talker is in the range 16 - 28 km/hr you can easily soar the ridge. At other times it is often a thermal soaring site. If the wind talker is gusting greather than 25km/hr for supervised PG pilots or 40 km/hr for supervised HG pilots then conditions are likely too strong to fly.

Weather station:

Article: Flying Canberra

Please check ACTHPA guide for recent changes.

If it is your first time at the site, please find a duty pilot, safety officer or contact the club to have a site briefing prior to flying. The following link is some information you should be familiar with regarding the site: Spring Hill.pdf


Only 4x4 vehicles have permission to use the site, i.e. not wrx's and skylines etc, so please leave all other vehicle at the carpark in the LZ. It's a 25-30 minute walk to the top, or maybe you can carpool or catch a lift with someone driving up. Club protocol is to offer the driver $5 per lift up the hill to cover fuel and vehicle wear and tear. It is at the vehicle owner's discretion as to whether they accept payment.

The launch is accessible by a 4WD road that leads up the east spur of the ridge from the landing paddock.


The primary landing is in the paddock to the right of the dirt road that leads up to launch. Do not set up for landing over or in the red marked areas marked on the map.


XC and ridge soaring flights are common.

Hazards / Comments

Airspace is quite low due to the close proximity of Canberra Airport. You can have a look at the different layers on AirCheck or just click on the image below to give you an idea of the airspace restrictions. Airspace around Spring Hill

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