South Australia


Site photo
Type Coastal ridge ~ 10 km
Conditions SE - SSW
Height 280'/85m asl, 250' agl
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised, top landing HG Intermediate
Remote beach location east of Deep Creek. 80km south of Adelaide.


Site is leased by SAHPGA, but is shared with other landowners. Other Landowners do not want pilots to traverse their land be respectful of their desires. Please leave no litter and be respectful of other landowners.




Rounded treeless hill. Good take off area. Very good bottom landing paddock often works on late afternoon sea breeze. Site also produces mild thermals. Weather station


Sloping grassed area with occasional rock.


Top landing can be tricky. Bottom landing very good.

Due to landowner concerns, only land on SAHPGA Inc leased land, if in case of an unavoidable out landing on other landowners properties exit as soon as possible before packing up and return via the beach.


Generally a good summer site, but may work occasionally in winter. Site record is a flight to Port Noarlunga (HG). PG: SE corner can be flown as well as SE facing cliff 1km right of launch. Great site.

Hazards / Comments

Power lines to the house west of the bottom landing paddock. Top landing warning: There have been many top landing accidents at this site. If you haven't top landed before, seek a briefing from an experienced pilot. The top landing may look easy, but complications are caused by the fence and slope, small changes in wind direction will also cause a big change in wind flow over the hill. Access to the bottom landing is to be kept to a minimum to prevent wear on the access road. Keys for gate are available from safety officers on site or SAHPGA representatives.

HG: Beware: Flights (east) beyond Tunkalilla head have minimal bottom landings and a long retrieve. Flights (west) at Deep Creek have no bottom landing.

Supervised Rated pilots: You MUST fly red ribbons. Only ONE supervised rated pilot at a time may fly the launch ridge during mixed operations. If you leave the launch ridge, look for another red ribbon upon your return and don't join the flight pattern until you're sure it's clear.

Supervised pilots on the launch ridge, if conditions lighten and other pilots are converging back to launch, ANTICIPATE that airspace will get very crowded, very quickly. Land BEFORE this happens.