Western Australia > Esperance

Wagga (80m dunes)

Type Coastal sand dunes
Conditions SE++
Height 200m+
Rating Closed
On the coast west of Esperance.

Left on the tar road in the direction of Pink Lake, only about 50 meters, then there is a very narrow (bushed either side) dirt road turning NW, turn left and deflate tires, not too much as sections has hard knobbly (but round) rocks. Follow the road, splits often in little detours for better less rocky sections, eventually turn south at the most northern point and has a road going NW from there, it goes nowhere, take the sand section that goes south from here. Looks like road disappears downhill and less prominent in the sand, (keep momentum) however nothing to worry about, continue south, seaward over vast semi hard sand, towards and onto beach, at beach turn right and follow till end run, turn rich at end, then back of the dunes, entrance looks challenging but is not with little momentum.

Landowners - ?



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This site was used for the first and only acro competition in WA in 1997.

Hazards / Comments

Be aware, low flying helicopter scenic flights operate from Esperance along this section of coastline.