Western Australia > Wheatbelt

White Lakes Farm, Toodyay

Type Inland Ridge
Conditions SE
Height 70ft / 20m agl
Rating PG: Intermediate with Site Induction / HG: Intermediate theory + 15 hours
70km northeast of Perth.

Located in the Avon Valley near Toodyay, 2WD access plus walk to takeoff.






Light wind novice site near Toodyay. The first pilots on site each day must check in with the owner before flying. If you haven't been here before, contact Cloudbase Paragliding Club or the Hill Flyers Club, check on the current access arrangements, and organise your first flight with a club member who has good knowledge of this site. This site is privately owned, so is sensitive and could easily be lost.


Generally good, in clear farmland. If wind is more easterly, be very careful, as there can be a lot of turbulence behind the hills in front. Always check the true wind direction at a high point.


The ground is all sloping and winds can be quite variable on the ground. Use a windsock. Glide angle can change very rapidly with patches of lift and sink. Your landing position will rarely be where you think it will be. Watch out for stock (in particular the bulls).


The site is situated in a large bowl, with hills of various heights surrounding it. This site is good when the wind is relatively light - generating some ridge lift and good thermal development. There are many trees and fences (some electric) to be aware of and some power lines.

Hazards / Comments

This is a good novice site although the continuous downwards slope can be a little intimidating for those who have never landed on a slope before. The paddocks are small with lots of fences. The top strand is electric. As with all small sites that may give limited lift, be sure to take in all the obstacles by having a good walk around the site before you fly.

Wind flow will never be completely uninterrupted and any associated turbulence will be worse in proportion with the wind strength. The area can be very rough in spring, summer and autumn.