Western Australia > North-West > Kimberley

Wyndham Towing

Type Tow
Conditions All
Height 4km long tow strip
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
Kimberley, 450km SW of Darwin.

Getting there from Wyndham take the King River road until you reach a salt flat that lines up into wind.

Landowners - ?


HGAWA , John Peircey




One of the worlds most spectacular landscapes, well endowed with hills and sunshine, and spectacular scenery. A bit of a wilderness too, so be prepared. Most of this info is from John Peircey who lives up there, give him a call if you are up that way.


Fairly close to airport but not a lot of traffic - keep a ear out! Prevailing wind March to August SE-NE and September to February SW-N. Can get a little wet between December and March and temps nearly always above 30.