Western Australia > Margaret River and Southwest

Yallingup - Rabbit Hill

Site photo
Type Coastal Ridge
Conditions W
Height 10m
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
35km north of Margaret River.

From Yallingup go to the farthest beach carpark north. Walk along the foot path up to the lookout, HG can launch from here, it's awkward for PG. A better PG launch is about 2 minutes walk along the path where there is a clearish area beside the track. This is the same ridge as Three Bears, but a lower launch.

Landowners - ?



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A big coastal site which takes a W wind, easy 2WD access.


Takeoff is higher than it looks, and provides enough height to glide across to the sea cliffs to the north if the wind is on. If its too light to get up then Three Bears might still work. Launching is small and a bit prickly, be courteous to walkers using the path. Plenty of beach to land on. Stay off the dune vegetation and use the path if you need to walk up.

Good potential to soar the coastline if the wind is on. Don't get caught low on the sea cliffs as they drop straight into the ocean. Watch out for increasing winds, and be aware that because the launch is low wind strength may increase as you gain height.

The wind seems to often be lighter here than further south, may be worth a look if its a little too strong at Contos.