Victoria > East Inland


Type Inland Hill
Conditions N
Height 900' / 275m agl, 1378' / 420m amsl
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised (PG4 / HG Intermediate?)
Near Leongatha, 120km SE of Melbourne.

This site is a couple of kilometres south of the highway. Take the third turn off to the right in Yarragon. Then turn next left until you reach Old Leongatha Rd. This takes you to the top. Vicroads Map V97 C5.


The takeoff land is privately owned and you must get permission to fly. The house is on the left hand side near takeoff. The bottom land owner, Mr John Harvey, must also be contacted before takeoff.

Contact/Responsible - ?


A low rolling grassy hill, south of the township of Yarragon.


Takeoff is next to the trig point and in front of the pine trees. Takeoff is from a gentle slope that does not drop away very fast. Sometimes the owner will let you drive in if it is not wet. Ask first, otherwise walk in


It is ESSENTIAL to check the landing area out before flying. Landings are made on a large paddock that has a house on the right of it and a water pump building on the left when looking from takeoff. The landing area is a long way out. The landing area is flat but can be muddy during winter and may have cows on it, usually towards evening as the cows use the paddock after being milked

Hazards / Comments

A SEVERE HAZARD exists in the landing area. There are two power lines running through the paddock. One is in the MIDDLE of the paddock running parallel with the road and the second runs to the water pump building. Land before the power lines if in doubt.