Low coastal cliffs. NW at 10-15kn
17m / 55ft PG4 / HG Intermediate
On Phillip Island. Drive to Phillip Island, Ventnor Road, right at Grossard point Rd, left at the Esplanade, last road on the left. Park at the gravel roundabout at the cliff, end of Devon Ave. Don't park on the grass. People get bogged there, especially if it has rained.


Public land.


Ian Dayble (0419 145 177)


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Grossard Point, Phillip Island

Only a short beat, but great for top landing practice. Weather station


From the end of Devon Ave walk right a bit to get a clean launch.


Top land or bomb out on the beach and walk up via the stairs at left.


HG Notes: Rated HG Intermediate mainly because the beat is short and landing areas can be tight. Don't fly at high tide; top landings in a hang glider aren't recommended as the brush on the clifftop causes a severe wind gradient in the last few critical feet. The best place to land is on the beach around the point to the left of takeoff at the base of the wooden stairs. You will need good crosswind landing technique as there's not a huge amount of beach, usually.