Inland Ridge E
2400ft / 730m ASL, 180ft / 56m AGL PG2 / HG Supervised
About 30 minutes north of Canberra on the road to Sydney.

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Lake George (Geary's Gap)

This site is closed. PILOT NOTIFICATION RE TEMPORARY SITE CLOSURE - DECEMBER 2015: Please be advised that launching or landing on the escarpment from Geary's site at Lake George is not to be used until further notice. Yass Valley Council have formally advised the ACTHPA that paragliding and hang gliding operations are not to be conducted from that site until such time as the necessary permissions have been established. This does not affect operations from the South launch and activities can continue as usual from this launch. The ACTHPA Committee have been working with the Yass Council and we will respond accordingly. Significant updates that change the status of flying operations will be provided as they come to hand, and regular updates on progress will be reported at club meetings. I am seeking your understanding and support by not flying at this site at this time, so as to not compound and complicate the matter further. To assist the committee in maintaining the site, one of the factors is to demonstrate how long we have been flying at the site by providing evidence. Anyone that has evidence of us Hang Gliding before 1970 can you please approach the ACTHPA committee with details? Thank you. Please note: there is no camping allowed on the lake bed.

Please refer to for current status of this site.

Lake George is an excellent inland soaring site.

Weather station:

Article: Flying Canberra

Please check ACTHPA guide for recent changes.


Launch is accessible by 2WD. It is just to the north of Geary's Gap where the highway heads down to the lake.


Anywhere on the lake.


Generally most pilots turn left immediatly after launch. It is not too high and it is pretty easy to bomb out.


Powerlines to the right of launch, and then again near the first rest stop about 3 km to the north of launch.

Airspace starts at 3500ft/1060m ASL so there is not much room over launch to get high. Make sure you check the current Visual Terminal chart before flying. Once you push north past the first rest stop airspace goes up to 5500ft (1670m) ASL. If you push south over the highway towards Bungendore then airspace goes up to 4500ft (1370m) ASL.

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