20km S of Melbourne.

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Within controlled airspace around Moorabbin airport. As per Section 4.7 (e), Section 6.5.10 and Section 6.5.11 of the SAFA Operations Manual, flying within 16 km of a controlled aerodrome or below 3000 feet within 8 km of an aerodrome with regular public transport services is prohibited. This is regardless of whether flights are below 300 feet or greater than 25 metres from roads or buildings.

In 2010, the VHPA applied for an exemption for this site. CASA declined, stating: "The area surrounding Red Bluff and Mentone is one of high traffic density with both fixed wing and helicopter traffic transiting, often at 500 to 600 feet, as well as being in close proximity to final approach of the NDB A approach. Given these circumstances and the potential impact on the safety of other airspace users CASA cannot approve the establishment of hang gliding and paragliding operations at these locations, even with the controls proposed in your application."