ESE, Strength: HG < 15 knots, PG < 15 knots
HG Restricted: Conditions: 5 - 10 knots with strict SO supervision. VHFOPS rating.
HG Intermediate: Conditions: 5 - 15 knots with duty pilot supervision. VHFOPS rating.
HG Advanced: Conditions: < 15 knots. VHFOPS rating.
PG2 & PG3: Conditions: 0 - 10 knots with SO supervision. VHFOPS rating.
PG4: Conditions: 0 - 10 knots with duty pilot supervision. VHFOPS rating.
PG5: Conditions: < 15 knots. VHFOPS rating.
Off Howards Drive, Mount Rankin. Approx 15km by road from Bathurst.

Landowners - ?


BMHGC, Alexander Drew ([no information])



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Mount Rankin

All pilots must be current SAFA members. Visiting pilots welcome. A site briefing must be obtained from a BMHGC safety officer before flying.


Grassed open area in wide tree slot. Hazards: Powerline to North of launch.


Primary: Directly below launch. Alternate: Paddock across the road. Top: Yes behind launch, wide open area.


X-C: Good potential to West.


  • Beware of powerline to North of launch that runs from top of ridge out to road, strung high above ground
  • Pilots must speak to the land owner before going up the hill, he is getting older, son lives next door and also friendly to us.
  • VHF radio required
  • Beware of sailplanes operating from nearby Bathurst Soaring Club. It is advised to call and make them aware of HG & PG operations at Mount Rankin. Ph: 0438 464 076
  • See map below for VHF radio frequencies (click to enlarge)

Emergency Services: Call 000. Bathurst Hospital (02) 6330 5311, Lithgow Hospital (02) 6350 2300