Inland Ridge N?
400m AGL Not a rated site
About 100km N of Albany. Approach down Albany Highway to Kojonup then follow signs to Stirling Range National Park.

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This site is closed. The biggest hills in the southwest, but access for flying has not been agreed with the National Park authorities.The National Park Management plan specifically forbids flying from Bluff Knoll and Hamilla Hill, although it has been flown from in the past. The Park management plan has provision to work with the HGAWA to approve flying sites in the Park in future. Please contact the HGAWA if .you are interested in doing this. The peaks are mostly covered with low scrub, in a few places it is possible for a paraglider to launch if you don't mind the possibility of line damage. Landing options are also few and far between, but there are some old gravel pits beside the main roads which provide reasonable landing grounds. The National Park does not permit landing in car parks or on roads. Towing up nearby and trying to thermal across the ranges is an option, but landings areas could still be a problem.