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SCSA, Shane Gingell (PG SO) (0417 619 167), John Vasta (PG SO) (0416 283 883), Dave Cookman (HG SO) (0427 498 573)



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Sunrise Beach

This site is closed. This site is closed until further notice. The SCSA club and Noosa Council are renegotiating the access permit. Do not attempt to access or fly here. Disciplinary action will be taken for non-compliance. Contact SCSA for current status.

Sunrise beach flying site at Noosa is located in one of the most prestigious areas on the Sunshine Coast.

The SCHGC club recognises the various sensitivities of this location and over the past few years has developed a protocol for safe and responsible flight. Management of this site relies upon a close and co-operative partnership between the local residents and every pilot that flies this site.

The following conditions apply to all pilots flying this site:
  1. We consider the other members of the public when using public land, try to keep noise down and make sure litter is put in the bin.
  2. No cameras are allowed in flight as many of the beach front homes at Sunsise Beach have glass fronts overlooking the beach and ask that we respect their privacy.
  3. No flying within the restricted zone (30m Horizontally from all properties, see below) Unless 100ft vertical separation from all properties is maintained.
  4. As with all sites, all pilots to be members of the HGFA & SCHGC.
  5. Only 3 pilots in the air at any one time in front of launch.

As usual, all other protocols and regulations as per the HGFA apply.