Inland Ridge E
300ft / 90m agl PG: Supervised / HG: Intermediate theory + 15 hours
70km northeast of Perth. In the Avon Valley near Toodyay. 4WD access or walk from landing area.




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Whitfield Hill (Wicklow)

This site is closed. May 2003: This site is closed to hang gliding and paragliding until further notice as a result of change of ownership. Please do not tresspass on this private property. Contact Cloudbase Paragliding Club or the Hill Flyers Club, to check on the current access arrangements. This site is privately owned, and the current owner have not granted permission for pilots to enter or fly from their land.

Small easterly wind site near Toodyay.


Generally good, but rocky in places, be careful of rotor from spurs either side if wind is cross. Gully to left has a venturi effect in strong winds.


Good landing area, but beware of fixation on the farm dam in front of the hill which is deep and has already claimed one victim (fortunately rescued quickly).


This is a fairly small site, the shape is not particularly good for producing lift, but it makes a good training hill and is quite soarable when the wind is right. A large flat plateau behind take off allows thermals to be followed back in relative safety as you can top land if you lose it.


As all inland sites, this site has the potential to be treacherous; the small height of the hill makes it particularly hazardous in strong thermic conditions.

The rocks at the top can make launching hazardous if the lift is not good, be sure to have a look over the edge at your intended launch point before setting up.

Beware of rotor behind the small knob in front - if you get low fly left to the landing area which has a clean airflow.