NE, HG < 5 knots
HG Restricted and Intermediate: Not permitted.
HG Advanced: Conditions: <5 knots.
PG not permitted, launch area unsuitable.
Wolgan Valley, Approx 30 minutes drive North of Lithgow towards Newnes (4WD Only).

Landowners - ?


BMHGC, Alexander Drew ([no information])



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This site is closed. Currently closed due to no maintainence by the site owner. No current BMHGC Inc. members have any experience flying from this site. Information here from historic club records only.

All pilots must be current SAFA members. Visiting pilots welcome. A site briefing must be obtained from a BMHGC safety officer before flying.


HG ONLY Metal Ramp overhanging cliff in low heath and scattered trees. Advanced cliff launch. Hazards: Light wind only launch.


In Wolgan Valley to right of launch. Alternate: N/A. Top: N/A.


X-C: Good potential to West and South.


  • This is strictly an Advanced HG site only and can only be flown in light NE winds.
  • Ensure ramp is made structurally sound before launching, tree growing through ramp at present.
  • Unknown who constructed the launch ramp.
  • This site is an extremely dangerous cliff launch.
  • Watch for numerous rocks in LZ.
  • This guide is from historic information only. No current BMHGC members have ever flown from this site.
  • Site closed due to no maintainence.

Emergency services: Call 000. Bathurst Hospital (02) 6330 5311, Lithgow Hospital (02) 6350 2300