Coastal Ridge W
PG2 / HG Supervised
40km north of Margaret River. From Dunsborough head towards Cape Naturaliste. Turn left off Sugarloaf rock road onto a 4WD track. Once you are on that you cant miss it. Keep driving till you find the main carpark. It has a toilet and stairs to the beach. Drive past this to the next carpark which is the old one. If you walk north through short scrub on the track that is already there, you come to a huge clearing which is all sand and on about a 15 degree slope. Can be approached from Yallingup on the same sand track, but needs a vehicle with decent clearance to clear limestone outcrops (standard Subarus don't make it).

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Yallingup - Three Bears

A nice long low coastal dune site which takes a W wind, features easy access and a nude beach.


Launching from here is wonderful, plenty of space for novices to get pushed around and a clear ridge just in front. The ridge gets really high to the right and to the left its great too. You can see it from Yallingup. Not much detail for this site, usual precautions for the coast would apply, watch out for stronger winds approaching, don't take any risks with landing in the water (there are cliffs into the ocean in places).