Coastal Hill SSW to SSE
150' / 45m asl PG2 / HG Supervised - Students prohibited
Near Aireys Inlet, 130km SW of Melbourne. Just past the township of Aireys Inlet at Fairhaven near Anglesea via Geelong. Turn right at Moggs Creek off the Great Ocean Rd. Melways Map 93 C9.


Parks Victoria has licenced this site to VHPA via the HGFA.


Dynasoarers, Rob van der Klooster (0408 335 559), Peter Hannah (0422 148 545), Jan Bennewitz (0423 139 923)


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Spion Kop (Fairhaven, Aireys, Moggs)

Spion Kop is Victoria's most popular coastal site and very beginner-friendly. Given the right conditions it is possible to cross a large gap and fly to the larger hills to the west - this is quite rare for paragliders but nearly always possible for high-performance HGs. You can also fly the low 20' primary dunes at the base towards the Aireys Inlet lighthouse.
Restrictions: Pilots are required to be Spion endorsed to fly this site. You can complete the Spion site specific induction with any authorised officer of the Dynasoarers. Just give them a call.


The site permit allows set up only within the marked areas.


A maximum of four gliders are allowed on the beach at Mogg's Creek at any one time. Use a different section of beach if you must land anyway. The car park can be used as a de-rigging area if there is enough room and it does not inconvenience the public. Landings on top are banned.


Typically, the wind is off a bit to the right. If it's straight in or off to the E a bit, hang gliders can fly around Big Hill and on to Lorne in the west.


The beach is generally large, but can be very small at high tide when the surf is big. In summer, it can be full of people near the accesses - the beach is many km long, pick an empty stretch to land on if you have to. If there isn't enough beach available to safely land, don't launch.

Beware of the power lines above the bridge on your landing approach into Moggs Creek. These lines also pass directly behind takeoff and along the highway east and west. Remember this if landing away from Moggs Creek. When flying to Lorne, be aware there are no safe landing areas between Eastern View and the Lorne township.

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Hooded Plovers nest at this site.

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