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Flinders Golf Club

Site photo
Type Coastal cliffs
Conditions S, SSE
Height 114' asl, 35m asl
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
75km S of Melbourne.

Flinders township, East coast. Melways 260, J10. 145 0.7E, 38 28.8S

000 Emergency Markers (?)

  • MOR201: Launch
  • MOR503: Landing - Preferred landing


Parks Victoria. This site is licenced to VHPA via SAFA.

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MHGC , Skyhigh


A ground ramp and a good set up area.

Weather station

Beach nesting birds: Hooded Plovers nest in this area. Visit this page to learn more.


Ground ramp.


Beach landing only. Do not use the footpath up from the parking to the road. According to the parks ranger it's an illegal track, and a potential health hazard due to the slope being an asbestos dump years ago. Use the road only.


In light conditions pilots are restricted to the bowl area and should take care to avoid trees, rotors from the right hand point and the wakes of other gliders.

In consistent southerly lift, pilots can enjoy a trip up the coast to the point before the Blow hole, about 1.6km away to the west and to the Gunnery boundary on the low slopes to the left of the bowl.

In excellent Southerly conditions, it is possible to cross the Blowhole and fly to Cairns Bay and return. Note that there is no bottom landing area west of the Blowhole, so this should only be attempted if you are sure the conditions are consistently good.

You are advised to take a vario. In summer quite bouyant bubbles of air can lift from exposed rock areas on the beach and this can result in additional heights of several hundred feet.

In exceptional post-frontal conditions, higher performance gliders can work cloud suck from parcels of moist air passing over the coastline with gains of 1000 to 2000ft possible by circling back under the clouds and over the town. Care must be taken not to drift back over the Golf course too low to make it back, however.

Hazards / Comments

The Flinders area has proven to be a very popular, versatile paragliding and hang gliding venue. The golf course take off area and recovery steps make it that much safer and easier. When the wind is SW, give it away, the turbulence in the corner has nearly claimed some of our more experienced pilots. From time to time this site is still in danger of being lost due to landings on top, and driving the wrong way down the one way road. Beach landings are easy and safe, and will ensure that we keep the golfers happy.

Flinders Bowl (golf course)- Special rules apply to this popular and sensitive site.

  • Half hour maximum flight time if other pilots are waiting to launch.
  • No aerobatics anywhere near the ramp.
  • No top landings.
  • No wraps on the golf course
  • Walk up the cliff on the paths only.
  • Do not fly in front of the Naval gunnery. The guns are still in use!
  • Do not use the launch next to the Naval gunnery. This is a security issue for the Navy.

In addition to the above rules always allow HG to establish their flight after T/O, beware of spectators, and radio controlled gliders. Their operators do not always appreciate the danger they can be to pilots. Accidents that have occured here have been due to scratching in light winds. These rules are simple, obey them or the site WILL be lost.

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