Australian Capital Territory - Canberra and NSW surrounds


Type Inland Hill
Conditions W
Height 900m ASL, 250m AGL
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
About 20 minutes south of Canberra just past Tuggeranong.

It is the hill up behind Condor with the black marker on it.


The Lanyon launch is on crown land and the landing areas are on private property. The ACTHPA does not hold formal approval to fly at this site and as such pilots should exercise a high degree of care to maintain positive relationships with neighbours and public.




This site is suitable for PG2 / HG2 and above pilots. It takes a westerly wind. The landing zone is susceptible to a northerly valley wind, especially on hot days. A strong valley wind makes this site is unflyable. When the wind is strong, wave lift off the Brindabella's can take a pilot quickly into controlled airspace. If Spring Hill is blown out this site might be flyable if there is a reducing wind gradient between Spring Hill and Lanyon. The ACTHPA maintains a wind talker at launch which can be accessed here. Please click here for directions to the LZ and here for directions to the start of the track up to the top of the hill.

Other information may be able to be found on the ACTHPA’s website here.


Launch is from a grassy saddle at the top of the hill. In recent years thistles and other weeds have made launching difficult at times. The ACTHPA endeavours to keep the launch area clear. Pilots should wear strong soled shoes to protect against injury from protruding woody weed storks after clearing has taken place.

Access to launch is either by hiking up the face or the track as indicated below. It is possible to drive to the top (4-wheel drive only), passing through two locked gates which can be opened with an ACTHPA key. The drive up takes about 10 minutes. The Rangers must be contacted before driving up. Rangers’ ph. numbers: 0435 400 077 or 0409 787 080.

Do not use the dirt track behind the houses from the water tower to the LZ. People walk their dogs on this track and vehicles cause dust which can result in complaints.

Before visiting this site please find an experienced local pilot, safety officer or contact the club to arrange a site briefing before flying.


PG landing options are good. The designed LZ is quite tight but landing further out near the water tank provides a larger area. The designated LZ is very tight for HG which will need to use the larger area near the water tank or further towards to Tharwa Drive. Packing up should be done quickly and pilots should leave the paddock being careful not to damage the fence.

Hazards / Comments

If the wind is not straight up the front rotor from terrain and trees can result. Controlled airspace is low due to the proximity of Canberra Airport and its approach flight paths. Pilots can look at the different layers on AirCheck or click on the image below to see the airspace restrictions. Lanyon Airspace

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