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Ocean Grove

Site photo
Type Coastal Dunes
Conditions S-SSW
Height 45' / 15m asl
Rating PG4 / PG3 supervised by PG4 / HG Intermediate
90km SW of Melbourne, via Geelong.

From the Ocean Grove surf lifesaving club the takeoff is east on the old road directly below the Ocean Grove lookout. Melways Map 94 A6.


Barwon Coast


Dynasoarers , Rob van der Klooster (0408 335 559)




Coastal sand dunes from Collendina to Point Lonsdale. Height of dunes: 15 metres max. At some gaps, the front dune height drops to 2 metres.

Beach nesting birds: Hooded Plovers nest in this area. Visit this page to learn more.


Access to launch is along the old road below the lookout. See the picture for the location of launch.

Paragliders must use the designated launch area due to potential conflict with parked cars. Hang gliders have the additional option of taking off from the SE corner of the first car park.

Assistance on launch is recommended and a positive take-off is required.

Please be mindful of persons using the pathway when setting up and launching.


No top landings please (HG or PG) as launch is situated along a well-used public path.

It is a very quick walk up from the beach. Do not walk up the face of any dunes. There are steps back up to launch both east and west of launch.

The beach can be very narrow, or can disappear, when the tide is in.

Please be mindful of the people on the beach when landing.


Note that the following minimum clearances are required during flight:

  1. From persons –

    1. a minimum of 3 metres (unless the person is a pilot); and
    2. a flight direction, distance and height which avoids the risk of collision with persons.
  2. From dwellings –

    1. (i) unless an occupier provides permission, a minimum of 10 metres horizontally and 100 feet vertically, noting pilots should minimise flights over dwellings); and
    2. a flight direction, distance, and height which avoids the risk of collision with persons and property;
  3. From the road – a flight direction, distance, and height which avoids the risk of collision with vehicles and persons.

Please respect the privacy of the residents during flight.

The Point Lonsdale Run is approximately 10km one way and you will rarely get over 100 feet. There is one very long gap, about 1km east of Collendina, and three or four smaller gaps on the way. There is an excellent view of "The Rip" at the Point Lonsdale end.

Pilots flying this trip should be HG intermediate/PG4 minimum, able to self launch, and should fly in pairs since there are not many people on the beaches between launch and Point Lonsdale.

Hazards / Comments

There is turbulence when the wind is off to the right, especially if the wind is around 20 knots.