Inland Hill W
900m ASL, 250m AGL PG2 / HG Supervised
About 20 minutes south of Canberra just past Tuggeranong. It is the hill up behind Condor with the black marker on it.


The Lanyon launch is on crown land and the landing on private property. We do not hold formal approval to fly at at this site and as such pilots should exercise a very high degree of care to maintain positive relationships with neighbours and public.



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Generally takes a west. If the day is too hot then the northerly valley breeze at Lanyon may make it unflyable. This site in strong winds can give strong wave lift off the Brindabella's and as such can push you through airspace really quickly. If Spring Hill is blown out please don't go flying Lanyon. Please click on the Google Maps Link for directions to the LZ.

Article: Flying Canberra

Please check ACTHPA guide for recent changes.


Nice and clear near the top of the hill.

At this site people can either hike up the face or follow the road as indicated below. The drive to the top is about 10 minutes and access is through two locked gates, if you require keys please contact the club. The ranger must be contacted before you drive up. Please read the lanyon.pdf document in the link below. Rangers numbers: 0435 400 077 (or 0409 787 080).

If you could also refrain from using the dirt road behind the houses from the water tower to the LZ. People walk their dogs and vehicles kick up dust that always results in complaints made by locals to the Park Ranger and ultimately to the club.

If it is your first time at the site, please find a duty pilot, safety officer or contact the club to have a site briefing prior to flying. The following link is some information you should be familiar with regarding the site: Lanyon.pdf


Landing options are pretty good for a paraglider; for a hang-glider you will need to glide out to some of the flatter, clearer landing areas.


Airspace is low due to the close proximity of Canberra Airport. You can have a look at the different layers on XC Planner or just click on the image below to give you an idea of the airspace restrictions.

Lanyon Airspace

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