Coastal dunes S-SW
HG Supervised / PG3
90km SW of Melbourne, Via Geelong.

Landowners - ?


Dynasoarers, Rob van der Klooster (0408 335 559), Jan Bennewitz (0423 139 923)


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Barwon Heads (13th Beach)

This is a sensitive site.

Do not walk through the dunes and do not kite up the dunes. As always, give marked Hooded Plover nest sites plenty of room.

Consider flying Ocean Grove or elsewhere instead to reduce traffic at this site.

Restrictions: NOTICE - 13th Beach, Barwon Heads - Limited Access

Until further notice hang gliding operations at 13th beach are restricted to the 40W location. Addtionally, set up and launching are limited to one aircraft at any time.

Top landing at 13th beach is banned except at the launch site at 40W.

Negotiations are currently in progress with Barwon Coast, the responsible authority, to develop a substainable facility.


Hang gliders set up and take off on the grass patch left of the access path at the westmost carpark (40W). Paragliders take off from the beach at 32W or 30W.


Anywhere on the beach. Hang gliders can top land on launch only. If possible, pack up hang gliders on the beach to reduce impact on launch vegetation.


Like all small dune site this requires excellent ground handling skills for paragliders and good close flying skills for HG and PG.

Hooded Plovers nest at this site.